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Tim Wasser — B.A. Student at University of Innsbruck


Tim Wasser is studying Sociology at the Ludwig Franzens University in Innsbruck and will finish his bachelor thesis in July 2017. The main focus of this work will be on the influence of mass media on public opinion and how society reacts and processes information towards political decision-making. Drawing on Ulrich Saxer’s work on media society (Mediengesellschaft), the primary purpose of the thesis is to identify the influence of political and institutional frameworks on public opinion as soon as information is released to the public. The second question pertains to how society reacts to information, in terms of the medium transporting the information and the source the information derives from.

Furthermore, Tim is part of a research group which is analyzing the possibilities and barriers for re-embedding the local food networks for the city of Innsbruck and its surrounding villages. This project is led by Prof. Markus Schermer and will be presented to the wider public in late 2017. Apart from this environmentally oriented focus, Tim’s interests draw on Marxist theories and the works of Adorno and Horkheimer, as well as Niklas Luhmann and Ulrich Beck.