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In Preparation


Modern Society as Artifice:  Critical Theory and the Logic of Capital


The Challenge of Progress:  Theory between Critique and Ideology
Current Perspectives in Social Theory, 36 (with essays by George Steinmetz, Amy Allen, Lawrence Hazelrigg, Robert Antonio, Reha Kadakal, and others)


“Critical Theory Derailed: Paradigm Fetishism and Critical Liberalism in Honneth (and Habermas),” in Volker Schmitz (ed.), Axel Honneth and the Future of Critical Theory

“Critical Theory, Sociology, and Science-Fiction Films:  Love, Radical Transformation and the (Socio-)Logic of Capital” for Daniel Krier and Mark Worrell (eds.), Capital in the Mirror: Critical Theory and the Aesthetic Dimension
(Albany, NY:  SUNY Press; volume under review).

“Epilogue:  The Wider View” (with R. Scott Frey), in Ecologically Unequal Exchange: Environmental Injustice in Comparative and Historical Perspective, co-editor, with R. Scott Frey and Paul K. Gellert

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