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Volume 2 (1981)

Volume 2, 1981
(information and links compiled by Charles Walton)


Time and Space in Social Theory: Critical Remarks upon Functionalism

Anthony Giddens

Vol. 2, 1981: 3-14

Department of Sociology, London School of Economics


Political Sociology

Peter M. Hall

Vol. 2, 1981: 15-20

Department of Sociology, Colorado State University



Comparative Sociology in the United States and Why There is so Little of It

Paul Hollander

Vol. 2, 1981: 21-30

Affiliation: Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies


The Social Sciences: Contract Research or Social Movements

Claus Offe

Vol. 2, 1981: 31-38


Hermeneutics and Social Theory: The Contemporary Conversation

Alan Sica

Vol. 2, 1981: 39-56


Affiliation: Department of Sociology and Criminology at Pennsylvania State University


Marxism and Structuralism

Val Burris

Vol. 2, 1981: 57-86


Affiliation: Professor Emeritus, Department of Sociology at the University of Oregon


Political Economy and Social Character: Terror, Desire, and Domination

Lauren Langman and Leonard Kaplan

Vol. 2, 1981: 87-116

Email for Lauren Langman:

Affiliation for Lauren Langman: Department of Sociology, Loyola University Chicago


Critical Reflection on the Meaning of Social Existence

Richard Quinney

Vol. 2, 1981: 117-132

Affiliation: Professor Emeritus, Department of Sociology at Northern Illinois University

Mary F. Rogers (1944-2009)

Vol. 2, 1981: 133-152

Affiliation: Professor Emerita, Department of Social Work at the University of West Florida


Theories of Woman’s Labor Force Status: A Review and Critique

Natalie J. Sokoloff

Vol. 2, 1981: 153-186


Affiliation: Professor Emerita, Department of Sociology at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice


Returning to “Social Physics”: Illustrations from the Work of George Herbert Mead

Jonathan H. Turner

Vol. 2, 1981: 187-208


Affiliation: University Professor, Department of Sociology at the University of California, Riverside


Marxism and Social-Feminist Theory: A Decade of Debate

Lise Vogel

Vol. 2, 1981: 209-232


God Bless You, Mr. Vonnegut

Brenda Wineapple

Vol. 2, 1981: 233-245

Affiliation: Adjunct Professor at Columbia University School of the Arts, Writing