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Volume 3 (1982)

Volume 3, 1982
(information and links compiled by Charles Walton)


The Impact of Agribusiness on Rural Development

David Barkin

Vol. 3, 1982: 1-26

Affiliation: Department of Economics at the Xochimilco Campus of the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana in México City



The Political Economy of Agriculture in Advanced Industrial Societies: Some Observations on Theory and Method

Frederick H. Buttel (October 15, 1948—January 14, 2005)

Vol. 3, 1982: 27-56



From Dilthey to Habermas: Reflections on Verstehen, Hermeneutics and Language

Sing C. Chew

Vol. 3, 1982: 57-72

Affiliation: Department of Sociology, Humboldt State University



Articulation of Modes of Production in Mexico

Beatrice Edwards

Vol. 3, 1982: 73-92

Last Affiliation:  Department of Sociology, Colby College


Evidence of Causation

Jack Gibbs

Vol. 3, 1982: 93-128

Last Affiliation: Centennial Professor and Chair of Sociology and Anthropology Emeritus, Vanderbilt University



Industrial Anomie and Hegemony

David L. Harvey

Vol. 3, 1982: 129-160

Last Affiliation: Professor Emeritus, Department of Sociology at the University of Nevada, Reno


Incommensurability and Relativism

Steven McGuire

Vol. 3, 1982: 161-188

Former Affiliation: Muskingum University


Yugoslavian (Praxis) Marxism

John W. Murphy

Vol. 3, 1982: 189-206


Affiliation: Department of Sociology, University of Miami



Talcott Parsons and Structural Marxism: Functionalist Theories of Society

Silvia Pedraza-Bailey

Vol. 3, 1982: 207-224


Affiliation: Department of Sociology, University of Michigan



Weber and Husserl on Social Science and Crisis: An Outline for Inquiry

Jerry A. Stark

Vol. 3, 1982: 225-242


Realist Philosophy as a Foundation for Marxian Social Theory

John Wilson

Vol. 3, 1982: 243-264


Affiliation: Professor Emeritus, Department of Sociology, Duke University